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61) Australia: Casein (pw), Food, Tonnes, Thousands
62) Australia: Casein (pw), Human consumption per capita, Kilograms per capita
63) Australia: Casein (pw), Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
64) Australia: Casein (pw), Producer price, Local Currency
65) Australia: Casein (pw), Production, Tonnes, Thousands
66) Australia: Casein (pw), Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands
67) Australia: Cheese (pw), Consumption, Tonnes, Thousands
68) Australia: Cheese (pw), Exports, Tonnes, Thousands
69) Australia: Cheese (pw), Food, Tonnes, Thousands
70) Australia: Cheese (pw), Human consumption per capita, Kilograms per capita
71) Australia: Cheese (pw), Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
72) Australia: Cheese (pw), Producer price, Local Currency
73) Australia: Cheese (pw), Production, Tonnes, Thousands
74) Australia: Cheese (pw), Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands
75) Australia: Coarse grains, Area harvested, Hectares, Thousands
76) Australia: Coarse grains, Consumption, Tonnes, Thousands
77) Australia: Coarse grains, Exports, Tonnes, Thousands
78) Australia: Coarse grains, Feed, Tonnes, Thousands
79) Australia: Coarse grains, Food, Tonnes, Thousands
80) Australia: Coarse grains, Human consumption per capita, Kilograms per capita
81) Australia: Coarse grains, Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
82) Australia: Coarse grains, Production, Tonnes, Thousands
83) Australia: Coarse grains, Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands
84) Australia: Coarse grains, Yield, Tonne/Hectare
85) Australia: Compensation of employees received by households, Local Currency
86) Australia: Compensation of employees, value, Local Currency
87) Australia: Compensation rate, total economy, Local Currency
88) Australia: Contributing family workers, female (% of female employment)
89) Australia: Contributing family workers, male (% of male employment)
90) Australia: Contributing family workers, total (% of total employment)