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1) Austria: % of energy consumption from fossil fuels
Fossil fuel comprises coal, oil, petroleum, and natural gas products
2) Austria: % of energy from combustible renewables & waste
Combustible renewables and waste comprise solid biomass, liquid biomass, biogas, industrial waste, and municipal waste, measured as a percentage of total energy use.
3) Austria: % of energy use from alternative & nuclear
Clean energy is noncarbohydrate energy that does not produce carbon dioxide when generated. It includes hydropower and nuclear, geothermal, and solar power, among others.
4) Austria: % of energy use from imports
Net energy imports are estimated as energy use less production, both measured in oil equivalents. A negative value indicates that the country is a net exporter. Energy use refers...
5) Austria: Total energy use per capita (kg of oil equivalent)
Energy use refers to use of primary energy before transformation to other end-use fuels, which is equal to indigenous production plus imports and stock changes, minus exports and...
6) Austria: Energy intensity level of primary energy (MJ/$2011 PPP GDP)
Energy intensity level of primary energy is the ratio between energy supply and gross domestic product measured at purchasing power parity. Energy intensity is an indication of...