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2731) Austria: Methylamine, di- or trimethylamine, salts, Export, Weight in kilograms
2732) Austria: Methyloxirane (propylene oxide), Export, Weight in kilograms
2733) Austria: Milk,Total, Producer Price Index (2004-2006 = 100)
2734) Austria: Oilcrops Primary, Producer Price Index (2004-2006 = 100)
2735) Austria: Phenylacetic acid, its salts & esters, Export, Weight in kilograms
2736) Austria: Pocket/pen/other knives with folding blades, Export, Number of items
2737) Austria: Pulses,Total, Producer Price Index (2004-2006 = 100)
2738) Austria: Radio receivers, external power, not sound reproducer, Import, Number of items
2739) Austria: Roots and Tubers,Total, Producer Price Index (2004-2006 = 100)
2740) Austria: Rutoside (rutin), derivatives, in bulk, Export, Weight in kilograms
2741) Austria: Silver oxide primary cells, batteries volume < 300 cc, Export, Number of items
2742) Austria: Synthetic staple fibres, carded or combed nes, Imports, Weight in kilograms
2743) Austria: Television camera tubes and other photo-cathode tubes, Export, Number of items
2744) Austria: Treenuts,Total, Producer Price Index (2004-2006 = 100)
2745) Austria: Uranium (depleted U235), thorium compounds, products, Export, Weight in kilograms
2746) Austria: Uranium (enriched U235), plutonium compounds, alloys, Import, Weight in kilograms
2747) Austria: Vegetable alkaloids nes, salts, ethers, esters in bul, Export, Weight in kilograms
2748) Austria: Vegetables Primary, Producer Price Index (2004-2006 = 100)
2749) Austria: Vegetables&Melons, Total, Producer Price Index (2004-2006 = 100)
2750) Austria: Vitamin B12, derivatives, unmixed, Export, Weight in kilograms
2751) Austria: Woven fabric <85% artif staple+wool/hair,unbl/bleache, Imports, USD
2752) Austria: Woven fabric <85% artif staple+wool/hair,unbl/bleache, Imports, Weight in kilograms
2753) Austria: Carbon tetrachloride, Export, Weight in kilograms
2754) Austria: Carbon tetrachloride, Import, Weight in kilograms
2755) Austria: Chlorosulphuric acid, Export, Weight in kilograms
2756) Austria: Heterocyc cmpounds, quinoline ring not further fused, Export, Weight in kilograms
2757) Austria: Nickel oxides and hydroxides, Export, Weight in kilograms
2758) Austria: Parts of cathode-ray tubes, Export, Weight in kilograms
2759) Austria: Parts of cathode-ray tubes, Import, Weight in kilograms
2760) Austria: Sodium, Export, Weight in kilograms