Series FinderBermuda: Cocoa beans and Chocolate

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1) Bermuda: Chocolate and other food preps containing cocoa > 2 k, Import, USD
2) Bermuda: Chocolate, cocoa prep, block/slab/bar, not filled,>2k, Import, USD
3) Bermuda: Chocolate, cocoa preps, block, slab, bar, filled, >2k, Import, USD
4) Bermuda: Chocolate/cocoa food preparations nes, Export, USD
5) Bermuda: Chocolate/cocoa food preparations nes, Import, USD
6) Bermuda: Cocoa beans, whole or broken, raw or roasted, Import, USD
7) Bermuda: Cocoa butter, fat, oil, Import, USD
8) Bermuda: Cocoa paste not defatted, Import, USD
9) Bermuda: Cocoa powder, sweetened, Import, USD
10) Bermuda: Cocoa powder, unsweetened, Import, USD
11) Bermuda: Malt extract & limited cocoa pastrycooks products nes, Import, USD
12) Bermuda: Cocoa paste wholly or partly defatted, Import, USD
13) Bermuda: Cocoa powder, sweetened, Export, USD