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31) Luxembourg: Average monthly earnings of employees (local currency), Local currency
32) Luxembourg: Broadcasting, Barriers to competition
33) Luxembourg: Broadcasting, Indicator STRI
34) Luxembourg: Broadcasting, Other discriminatory measures
35) Luxembourg: Broadcasting, Regulatory transparency
36) Luxembourg: Broadcasting, Restrictions on foreign entry
37) Luxembourg: Broadcasting, Restrictions to movement of people
38) Luxembourg: Commercial banking, Barriers to competition
39) Luxembourg: Commercial banking, Indicator STRI
40) Luxembourg: Commercial banking, Regulatory transparency
41) Luxembourg: Commercial banking, Restrictions on foreign entry
42) Luxembourg: Commercial banking, Restrictions to movement of people
43) Luxembourg: Computer, Barriers to competition
44) Luxembourg: Computer, Indicator STRI
45) Luxembourg: Computer, Other discriminatory measures
46) Luxembourg: Computer, Regulatory transparency
47) Luxembourg: Computer, Restrictions to movement of people
48) Luxembourg: Construction, Barriers to competition
49) Luxembourg: Construction, Indicator STRI
50) Luxembourg: Construction, Other discriminatory measures
51) Luxembourg: Construction, Regulatory transparency
52) Luxembourg: Construction, Restrictions to movement of people
53) Luxembourg: Courier, Barriers to competition
54) Luxembourg: Courier, Indicator STRI
55) Luxembourg: Courier, Regulatory transparency
56) Luxembourg: Courier, Restrictions on foreign entry
57) Luxembourg: Courier, Restrictions to movement of people
58) Luxembourg: Distribution, Barriers to competition
59) Luxembourg: Distribution, Indicator STRI
60) Luxembourg: Distribution, Regulatory transparency