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31) Mexico: Beef and veal (cwe), Human consumption per capita, Kilograms per capita
32) Mexico: Beef and veal (cwe), Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
33) Mexico: Beef and veal (cwe), Producer price, Local Currency
34) Mexico: Beef and veal (cwe), Production, Tonnes, Thousands
35) Mexico: Beef and veal (cwe), Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands
36) Mexico: Biodiesel, Biodiesel production from vegetable oil, 0
37) Mexico: Biodiesel, Consumption, Tonnes, Thousands
38) Mexico: Biodiesel, Ending stocks, Tonnes, Thousands
39) Mexico: Biodiesel, Exports, Tonnes, Thousands
40) Mexico: Biodiesel, Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
41) Mexico: Biodiesel, Other use, Tonnes, Thousands
42) Mexico: Biodiesel, Producer price, Local Currency
43) Mexico: Biodiesel, Production, Tonnes, Thousands
44) Mexico: Biodiesel, Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands
45) Mexico: Bird species threatened
Birds are listed for countries included within their breeding or wintering ranges. Threatened species are the number of species classified by the IUCN as endangered, vulnerable,...
46) Mexico: Building a warehouse: # of days
Time required to build a warehouse is the number of calendar days needed to complete the required procedures for building a warehouse. If a procedure can be speeded up at...
47) Mexico: Building a warehouse: # of procedures
Number of procedures to build a warehouse is the number of interactions of a company\'s employees or managers with external parties, including government agency staff, public...
48) Mexico: Burden of customs procedure, WEF (1=extremely inefficient to 7=extremely efficient)
Burden of Customs Procedure measures business executives' perceptions of their country's efficiency of customs procedures. The rating ranges from 1 to 7, with a higher...
49) Mexico: Business extent of disclosure index (0=less disclosure to 10=more disclosure)
Disclosure index measures the extent to which investors are protected through disclosure of ownership and financial information. The index ranges from 0 to 10, with higher values...
50) Mexico: Butter (pw), Consumption, Tonnes, Thousands
51) Mexico: Butter (pw), Exports, Tonnes, Thousands
52) Mexico: Butter (pw), Food, Tonnes, Thousands
53) Mexico: Butter (pw), Human consumption per capita, Kilograms per capita
54) Mexico: Butter (pw), Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
55) Mexico: Butter (pw), Producer price, Local Currency
56) Mexico: Butter (pw), Production, Tonnes, Thousands
57) Mexico: Butter (pw), Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands
58) Mexico: Cheese (pw), Consumption, Tonnes, Thousands
59) Mexico: Cheese (pw), Exports, Tonnes, Thousands
60) Mexico: Cheese (pw), Food, Tonnes, Thousands