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31) Mozambique: Building a warehouse: # of days
Time required to build a warehouse is the number of calendar days needed to complete the required procedures for building a warehouse. If a procedure can be speeded up at...
32) Mozambique: Building a warehouse: # of procedures
Number of procedures to build a warehouse is the number of interactions of a company\'s employees or managers with external parties, including government agency staff, public...
33) Mozambique: Burden of customs procedure, WEF (1=extremely inefficient to 7=extremely efficient)
Burden of Customs Procedure measures business executives' perceptions of their country's efficiency of customs procedures. The rating ranges from 1 to 7, with a higher...
34) Mozambique: Business extent of disclosure index (0=less disclosure to 10=more disclosure)
Disclosure index measures the extent to which investors are protected through disclosure of ownership and financial information. The index ranges from 0 to 10, with higher values...
35) Mozambique: Butter (pw), Consumption, Tonnes, Thousands
36) Mozambique: Butter (pw), Exports, Tonnes, Thousands
37) Mozambique: Butter (pw), Food, Tonnes, Thousands
38) Mozambique: Butter (pw), Human consumption per capita, Kilograms per capita
39) Mozambique: Butter (pw), Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
40) Mozambique: Butter (pw), Production, Tonnes, Thousands
41) Mozambique: Butter (pw), Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands
42) Mozambique: Cheese (pw), Consumption, Tonnes, Thousands
43) Mozambique: Cheese (pw), Exports, Tonnes, Thousands
44) Mozambique: Cheese (pw), Food, Tonnes, Thousands
45) Mozambique: Cheese (pw), Human consumption per capita, Kilograms per capita
46) Mozambique: Cheese (pw), Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
47) Mozambique: Cheese (pw), Production, Tonnes, Thousands
48) Mozambique: Cheese (pw), Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands
49) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Area harvested, Hectares, Thousands
50) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Biofuel use, Tonnes, Thousands
51) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Consumption, Tonnes, Thousands
52) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Ending stocks, Tonnes, Thousands
53) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Exports, Tonnes, Thousands
54) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Feed, Tonnes, Thousands
55) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Food, Tonnes, Thousands
56) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Human consumption per capita, Kilograms per capita
57) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
58) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Other use, Tonnes, Thousands
59) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Production, Tonnes, Thousands
60) Mozambique: Coarse grains, Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands