Metric FinderLabor/Workforce: Wages

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1) Average hours worked per person employed, Index, 2010=100, Index
2) Average monthly earnings of employees (local currency), Local currency
3) Average monthly earnings of employees, manufacturing (local currency), Local currency
4) Compensation of employees, value, Local Currency
5) Compensation rate, total economy, Local Currency
6) Gender wage gap (%), Percentage
7) Labour compensation per employee, Index, 2010=100, Index
8) Labour compensation per hour worked, Index, 2010=100, Index
9) Labour cost per employee (local currency), Local currency
10) Labour cost per employee, manufacturing (local currency), Local currency
11) Labour utilisation (=hours worked per head of population), Index, 2010=100, Index
12) Total hours worked, Index, 2010=100, Index
13) Unit Labour Costs, employment based, Index, 2010=100, Index
14) Unit Labour Costs, Index, 2010=100, Index
15) Vulnerable employment, total (% of total employment) (modeled ILO estimate)
Vulnerable employment is contributing family workers and own-account workers as a percentage of total employment.
16) Wage and salaried workers, female (% of female employment)
17) Wage and salaried workers, male (% of male employment)
18) Wage rate, total economy, Local Currency
19) Wage Rates, Index
20) Wage Rates, Index
21) Wages, value, Local Currency