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1) Biodiesel, Biodiesel production from vegetable oil, 0
2) Biodiesel, Consumption, Tonnes, Thousands
3) Biodiesel, Ending stocks, Tonnes, Thousands
4) Biodiesel, Exports, Tonnes, Thousands
5) Biodiesel, Imports, Tonnes, Thousands
6) Biodiesel, Other use, Tonnes, Thousands
7) Biodiesel, Producer price, Local Currency
8) Biodiesel, Production, Tonnes, Thousands
9) Biodiesel, Trade balance, Tonnes, Thousands
10) Fossil Fuels, Electricity output (GWh)
11) Nuclear, Electricity output (GWh)
12) Renewable sources, Electricity output (GWh)
13) Total, Electricity output (GWh)
14) Total, Exports (ktoe)
15) Total, Imports (ktoe)
16) Total, Industry (ktoe)
17) Total, Inputs to CHP plants (ktoe)
18) Total, Inputs to electricity plants (ktoe)
19) Total, Inputs to heat plants (ktoe)
20) Total, of which: Commerce and public services (ktoe)
21) Total, of which: Residential (ktoe)
22) Total, Oil refineries, transformation (ktoe)
23) Total, Other (ktoe)
24) Total, Production (ktoe)
25) Total, Total CO2 emissions - Fuel Combustion (Mt of CO2)
26) Total, Total final consumption (ktoe)
27) Total, Total primary energy supply (ktoe)
28) Total, Transport (ktoe)