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1) Australia: Accounting, Indicator STRI
2) Australia: Accounting, Regulatory transparency
3) Australia: Accounting, Restrictions on foreign entry
4) Australia: Accounting, Restrictions to movement of people
5) Australia: Air transport, Barriers to competition
6) Australia: Air transport, Indicator STRI
7) Australia: Air transport, Restrictions on foreign entry
8) Australia: Air transport, Restrictions to movement of people
9) Australia: Architecture, Indicator STRI
10) Australia: Architecture, Regulatory transparency
11) Australia: Architecture, Restrictions on foreign entry
12) Australia: Architecture, Restrictions to movement of people
13) Australia: Broadcasting, Barriers to competition
14) Australia: Broadcasting, Indicator STRI
15) Australia: Broadcasting, Other discriminatory measures
16) Australia: Broadcasting, Restrictions on foreign entry
17) Australia: Broadcasting, Restrictions to movement of people
18) Australia: Commercial banking, Barriers to competition
19) Australia: Commercial banking, Indicator STRI
20) Australia: Commercial banking, Regulatory transparency
21) Australia: Commercial banking, Restrictions on foreign entry
22) Australia: Commercial banking, Restrictions to movement of people
23) Australia: Computer, Indicator STRI
24) Australia: Computer, Regulatory transparency
25) Australia: Computer, Restrictions on foreign entry
26) Australia: Computer, Restrictions to movement of people
27) Australia: Construction, Barriers to competition
28) Australia: Construction, Indicator STRI
29) Australia: Construction, Regulatory transparency
30) Australia: Construction, Restrictions on foreign entry