1) Navigation
2) Working with Data/Views
3) Exporting, Sharing, & Saving

1) Navigation

The sidebar will always tell you where you are on the site. In this screenshot, India is selected in the dropdown menu and Agriculture is highlighted, so you know that you are looking at Agriculture data on India.

Sidebar Navigation

You can then select a different topic for the same country....

Selecting topics

You can also use the dropdown menu to see the same topic for a different country. In this example, you are currently looking at energy data on India. By selecting "China" from the dropdown menu, you would bring up energy data for China.

Selecting countries

When there are multiple pages for a single topic, tabs are used to organize the different pages. In this example, "Doing Business" is the topic that has been selected in the left sidebar, and "Tax Trends" is the currently selected page.

Tabs navigation

Note: Pages that compare countries will have "All Countries" in the dropdown. In this case, you cannot use the sidebar dropdown to find individual countries, because there is no matching page. Instead, you can use the links on the page to find more detailed data on a specific country/topic.

All countries dropdown

The topbar on every page can also be used to navigate Vizala. You can quickly jump to any country or section of the site.

Topbar navigation

Many pages include a Jump Menu to quickly navigate to sections further down the page.

Jump menu

2) Working with Data/Views

Each page has a set of filters that can be used to customize the data. In this example, the user is looking at energy data for the year 2015, for Asia-Pacific countries with more than 50 million people.


Countries can be sorted with any metric on the page. In this example, countries are sorted by "Life Expectancy at birth."


For a more detailed information on a metric, you can click/hover on the question mark icon next to the metric name.


3) Exporting, Sharing, & Saving

Any standard or customized view of data can be exported, shared, or saved. Note: These options are not present on static pages like the About Us page or this page.

Click on "Export" on the topbar and a standard popup for exporting a CSV file will appear.

CSV Export

Click on "Share" on the topbar and sharing options appear. You will have both a standard URL as well as an iFrame that can be embedded in another website.


Click on "Save this View" in the topbar and popup will appear that allows you to name and save your view. Note: You will be prompted to create a free account in order to save views.

Save this View

Go to "Saved Views" in the topbar to manage/retrieve your saved views.

Manage saved views