About Us

Vizala aims to be the internet's most useful database for country, demographic, social, and economic information. Instead of just providing answers, our robust analytics allow for in-depth analysis and provide a complete picture of your topic of interest. Vizala only uses data from trusted sources and includes links to the original source for maximum transparency. People trying to access public data will often encounter a number of difficulties. Many times, the data that they need is stored across multiple online repositories. First they need to know which data is in which repositories, and then they have to find those repositories and extract the data they need which involves navigating inconsistent and often confusing user interfaces. Also, in many cases the original source of data is stored in bulk files that need to be downloaded and parsed with specialized software. For researchers, using Vizala can save time and help to gain new insights. We aggregate data from more than 20 different public sources and organize that data around specific topics of interest. Vizala also provides tools that allow you to customize any view of data with filtering and sorting options. You can then save, share, or export any of those customized views. All of this functionality is wrapped in a consistent, simple, and intuitive user interface.


  • Continuously updated data from many government and international organizations
  • Derivative data calculated by Vizala, including ratios and formulas that combine data from multiple sources
  • The "Monthly Overview" provides a comprehensive dashboard of key economic indicators for any country
  • Topical displays that group together related fields and focus on the most important data points
  • Advanced filtering allows you to drilldown, segment, and customize data with maximum flexibility
  • Easily save, share, or export any data view

Data Sources

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
The World Bank
United Nations Statistics Division
World Health Organization (WHO)
World Trade Organization (WTO)
International Labor Organization (ILO)
OEDC (Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development
International Energy Agency (IEA)
Bank for International Settlements
US Dept of Labor
Principal Global Indicators
Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
US Census Bureau
International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

*To see the original source and a description of any metric, you can click/hover on the question mark icon next to the metric name.


Contact Us

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+1 (703) 879-8921
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