Vizala Digital® is an advertising agency that was founded in 2018 in Falls Church, Virginia - just outside of Washington DC. In the years prior, Google and other ad networks had been adding new technologies that allowed for more precise targeting, targeting of affluent individuals, and targeting of people in the market for specific products and services. With our experience in B2B and financial services, we saw an opportunity to leverage these new technologies to create ad campaigns with better conversion rates and higher quality leads. We specialize in targeting B2B and financial services prospects who are actively researching with an intent to purchase.

We also noticed that many small-mid sized firms complain about not knowing where their leads are coming from, and which sources of traffic generate the best quality leads. So we sought to create a comprehensive solution that tracked all website and phone leads from all traffic sources and marketing channels. This lead tracking is integrated with Google Analytics to provide clients with full visibility into their website and digital marketing efforts.



ROI Focused

  • Delivering highly targeted web traffic with a focus on generating quality sales leads

  • ROI is closely tracked and spending is reallocated to improve returns. Bids are frequently adjusted by offer, keyword, location, time of day, demographics, device type, and more.

  • Continuously testing ad copy, landing pages, offers, targets and more to get the best possible returns.

  • Driving profitable growth



Visibility & Actionable Insight

  • Custom analysis focuses on your key metrics and provides the rationale for website enhancements, marketing campaigns, and spending decisions.

  • Automated dashboards/reports that are tailored to your website and company

  • Implementation/customization of Google Analytics and Google Adwords along with key integrations

  • Channel tracking to determine where to focus your resources

  • KPI tracking to stay on top of results and key trends




Google Ads and Google Analytics Expert

Gregg Kellett has more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing and 18+ years of experience with Google Ads and Google Analytics. This includes 10+ years working for Bloomberg and 4 years for where he managed multimillion-dollar advertising budgets for both companies. He holds current Google certifications for Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, and Google Analytics. In addition to spending the bulk of his career in the investing/finance space, as a hobby he is a Warren Buffett disciple who has been making his own stock picks and following the financial markets for more than decade.




Example Clients