At Vizala, our customers are small-mid sized businesses who need quality sales leads and cannot afford brand/awareness campaigns that do not yield tangible and immediate results. So our goal with display advertising is to target in-market prospects who are showing purchasing intent, just as we do with our search ads. We do via two methods….

  1. ‘In-Market Content’ is where the user appears to be in the market for your product or service.

  2. In-Market and Remarketing Audiences


In-Market Content

We would not advertise on entire websites but instead we would advertise on specific URLs or sections of websites. Content is selected based on the intent of the person reading the article. For example the article or video “How to find the right CPA firm” is likely to be read by a person who is in the market for a CPA. Here are more examples…




In-Market & Remarketing Audiences

Remarketing audiences are people who have recently visited your website. These people are likely to be in-market and they have already shown an interest in your firm.

In-market audiences include people who have recently visited browsed relevant content or done relevant searches. For example, an in-market audience for Home Insurance recently visited State Farm’s home insurance page or did home insurance related searches on Google.



Other Targeting Layers

The following targeting options can be layered into your search campaigns. Customization of these options can help to insure you are only targeting the most qualified prospects.

  • Income Bracket
  • Age Bracket
  • Education Level
  • Homeowner vs Renter